The recent challenging stock and bond markets caught investors off guard. In the decade leading up to the 2022 downturn, markets got used to an environment of easy money in which interest rates that were below historic averages stoked an era of unprecedented growth in the U.S.

That chapter came to an abrupt halt when pandemic-driven inflationary forces ushered in an era of rising interest rates. Higher capital costs led to a reckoning for growth-oriented companies as investors quickly began to favor the certainty of cash flows today over the hope of growth tomorrow.

In this new environment of heightened risk and volatility, what was true prior to 2022 has become even more true today: Diversifying across asset classes that are less correlated (i.e., that do not move in sync) remains one of the best ways to insulate portfolios from risk while participating in sectors and regions that may become the new global leaders. The economy is global. It may be time for your investment portfolio to catch up.

Global and International

Investing without borders

Investors who hold only U.S. stocks and bonds may be playing out a home country bias or solely focused on U.S. equities for growth. However, diversification across global markets has been a trusted strategy for both limiting exposure to the market’s worst performers and gaining participation in the performance of the market’s winners. 


International Quality

Quality companies have historically performed better than broad-based core international companies in down markets.

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Investing without Borders

International Small Cap

Investing Without Borders

Investors have embraced U.S. small caps stocks for their faster growth, historically attractive risk-adjusted returns, and relatively low correlations—but have largely ignored the large universe of international smaller-cap stocks and the further value and increased diversification they offer.

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Emerging Markets

As the populations of emerging economies grow, so may spending and investment in these markets.

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investing without borders

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